Treatment at the Upton Clinic — What to Expect

Initial Consultation:

Patient confidentiality and privacy are paramount at Upton Clinic. For this reason, all Upton Clinic consultations and treatments are conducted in a private room.

The initial consultation takes approximately 15-30 minutes. Your condition will be discussed at length with a practitioner. Background information is also taken to confirm the diagnosis. Tongue and pulse diagnosis are also taken.


After the initial consultation and any subsequent acupuncture treatment is conducted in the private treatment room.

As in all acupuncture treatments, patients are encouraged to wear loose fitting clothes. If removal of an item of clothing is required, additional blankets may be utilised.

Once needles are inserted and the patient is comfortable, the patient is allowed to relax for 30 minutes. Patients can be assured of always having a practitioner nearby if assistance is required.

Acupuncture Feeling:

If your practitioner has obtained the correct stimulus of the needle, the patient should feel some numbness, heaviness, distension, tingling, or electric sensation either around the needle or traveling up or down the affected meridian, or energy pathway. We use sterilized, individually packaged, disposable needles. Needles should not be saved and reused for later treatments.

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