Pain Clinic

The Pain Clinic in Upton Clinic specialises in the treatment of pain and discomfort utilising mainly acupuncture or/and medical massage (acupressure). Chinese medicine has utilised acupuncture for pain relief for thousands of years and its success is confirmed through modern research. The World Health Organisation has recognised acupuncture’s effectiveness since its Beijing symposium in June 1979 and again as recently as 2003. In September 2009, researchers from the University of Michigan published in the Journal of NeuroImage evidence of acupuncture’s effectiveness on the brain’s long-term ability to regulate pain (Zubieta, Scott, Napadow, Gracely, & Clauw). The study showed treatment with acupuncture increased the binding availability of mu-opoid receptors (MOR) in regions of the brain that process and dampen pain signals.

This study, on the heels of recent guidelines set up by the NHS’s National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) advising acupuncture for chronic lower back pain, confirms what we see at our clinic every day—acupuncture is an effective treatment for pain and discomfort.

Our professional practitioners can successfully relieve of your pain problems with acupuncture or/and Medical massage (Acupressure) :

● Relaxing muscles and tendons, activating the energy flow in body’s meridians.

● Treating and restoring injured soft tissues, promoting their recovery and renovation.

● For Disc problems’ pain. Stimulating some acupuncture points to change the position of the projection or the nerve root, removing the compression of the projections to the nerve root, so as to relieve the pain.

● Promoting blood circulation, detoxify the system, balance the whole body, maintains a good health.


The Upton Clinic is an excellent resource for those suffering from chronic pain.

Over a three year period I have attended a variety of orthodox and complimentary practitioners in an attempt to reduce my back pain. The Upton Clinic has provided the only treatment that has improved my condition. When I first attended the clinic I was in considerable pain and unable to sleep at night because of the discomfort. I can now sleep at night and I am considerably improved.

Dr Helen & Sam are dedicated and compassionate practitioners whose treatment has made a signifiacnt difference to my quality of life.

— Christine

As a long term sufferer of chronic odontalgia, I never really considered acupuncture as a possible solution. I am so glad I did eventually give it a try though.

After several acupuncture sessions along with a course of herbal medicine, I have felt a definite improvement in my symptoms.


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