Natural Fertility Clinic

The Natural Fertility Clinic offers advice, guidance and treatment to individuals or couples who would like to increase their chances for a natural conception and pregnancy and to offer supportive treatment for couples undergoing assisted reproduction.

Through years of practice we have found that Chinese medicine can dramatically enhance the chances of a natural pregnancy.

Our primary aim is to enhance natural fertility. In natural fertility, the health of one or both parents is improved so that conception can occur on its own and a healthy pregnancy is maintained. Through years of practice we have found that Chinese medicine can dramatically enhance the chances of a natural pregnancy. Our observations are supported by increasing numbers of research studies confirming the positive role of Chinese medicine on infertility. This exciting potential of acupuncture and other Chinese herbal medicine treatments is are offered to our patients.


I would like to say what a wonderful job Helen is doing in helping my peri-menopausal symptoms including no longer having hot flushes, return of my periods and dealing with my infertility problems.

I feel completely let down by doctors/consultants and The Upton Clinic has helped my symptoms tremendously and we are now aiming for me to hopefully get pregnant. Everything Helen said will happen, has happened. I initially kept an open mind and am amazed how this treatment can help.

I have much more energy and highly recommend the Upton Clinic to anyone.



I went to see Helen to receive Acupuncture to help with fertility and she has been very helpful and caring. 

She adapts to times which suit me at the last minute and gives great advice.

Very recommended.    — Shannon B.


I was recommended to the Upton Clinic by a friend who had problems conceiving and after coming to the

 clinic she fell pregnant. I was very pleased with the treatment provided to me and how caring Helen was

 and I too am now pregnant so would throughly recommend the clinic.  — L. T.


Hi Sam, just wanted to let you know I have had my baby. It was a little girl and she is well. I had a very quick birth and only needed gas and air. Thank you for all my acupuncture sessions.       — Jennifer


I went to Upton Clinic after my 1st embryo transfer failed, after IVF. I had weekly acupuncture with Dr. Helen for a few months then my 2nd embryo transfer was successful. I continued my sessions throughout my 1st trimester which greatly helped my early pregnancy symptoms. I felt Dr. Helen was extremely professional and knowledgeable and genuinely cared about your well being. I would highly recommend this clinic, especially to someone going through IVF.    —Diksha Baniya


  My parter and I had been trying for a baby for 4 years and were starting to consider IVF.
But I have started to read about acupancture and wanted to try and get pregnant natural way and I am very pleased to say that after 3 months I was pregnant with our baby and now i am 20weeks pregnant . We are so very grateful to Sam for helping us and would recommend him warmly to anybody.      – Greta

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